Friday, February 17, 2012

Reading Week: Heading to Prince Edward Island

(Photo of my nephew Samuel pointing to where his Nana and Papa live).

Prince Edward Isle, to thee
Our hearts shall faithful be

The last time I was home in February, I was in the middle of climbing up the proverbial playoff mountain with the Pownal Red Devils. It's "Spring Break" at the University of Ottawa and I am heading home to PEI check in with the parents, check in with Moulded Image and perhaps find some wine. I won a 10-dollar gift certificate from the Merchantman Pub so it's looking like it will be an old fashioned Friday night on PEI... likely hitting the Canton later as well.

Happy to say I have landed a few more publications. I have a piece on choosing the right sports management program for a Culture Magazine/Blog. They also want me to write a piece on scrapbooking... who me?

The winter rolls along...