Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello, New England!

I have arrived... not exactly the way I visioned myself for homecoming or to Nichols College but I have made it! Somewhere around my last entry in New Mexico wondering if my time there would ever end, I decided one last game of indoor soccer would do me good. Long story short is I went home with a partially separated achilles tendon and currently in my new office with a cast on.

Home time was fun. Despite my short time on PEI, I managed to get my visits in with most people and even found myself in the middle of the "Pink Shirt One-Punch" incident. There are something in my new status as an Assistant Professor that I cannot publish on a public blog. Especially when I am home on the Island. Indeed. Gold Cup and Saucer was well enjoyed with Silent Swing taking home the big prize.

I made it across the border decently well... red tape as usual. For classes to prep apartments to find, orth specialists to see, and tons of information overload. Special thanks to Nate with his help keeping in the country yesterday!

Cheers from Nichols College