Monday, May 25, 2009

Between Trips...

Pictures... May 15, 2009: Anniversary of Defense- enjoying J. Lohr (post-celebratory wine one year earlier) pictured with the guy who settled me down on that famous morning, and the person kept in perspective in the afternoon while on the phone with him consuming some of that J. Lohr, Thomas enjoying Nana's cooking, the 3rd Annual Cormier Rib Contest (HGTV's Neely's Cola Rib sauce was my entry), and my second to last morning (penultimate?) with Samuel... I was even more tired than he was.

I didn't take any pictures but had a great time in Montreal for Paul Brower's bachelor party. I would have liked to got a picture from Hurley's from my reunion with John Flood. Beautiful day in a beautiful city with a great guy. We made it back in 6 hours yesterday... motivation to go see the Habs next year... if they ever get out of the bars for me to actually see them at the rink!

Memorial day... Off to the NASSM Conference to present part of my dissertation. Going to have a BBQ this afternoon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

End of Year Two... and my first Doctoral Robe

Pictures: End of exams. "Victory" or "That's Two"... Living the dream. On Saturday, Dr. Colleen Colles having been a big part of my new life and supporting me last year trying to finish the dissertation, hooded me. Pictured with Professors Tim Liptrap and Kim Charbonneau after the ceremony. For a video of the procession (I am at the 3 minute and 6 second mark... I say hi to my Mom):

Off to a faculty retreat this morning. Friday, I will be on my way to see the nephews. The anniversary of my dissertation defense will be spent with family with a good Italian amarone I just picked up last weekend. Apparently, I made Fred Macdonald's column back home on the Island on Saturday.

Happy Summer... yes, I said Summer. I am living the dream!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Exam Week...

Six (6) hours of grading later... I was at Bobby Flay's restaurant recently and this picture from 10 days ago seems to be a fitting picture for the end of a long grading day. FYI: The food was so good I cried. I love NY!

Wearing the doctoral robe for the first time on Saturday. More pics to come...