Monday, May 11, 2009

End of Year Two... and my first Doctoral Robe

Pictures: End of exams. "Victory" or "That's Two"... Living the dream. On Saturday, Dr. Colleen Colles having been a big part of my new life and supporting me last year trying to finish the dissertation, hooded me. Pictured with Professors Tim Liptrap and Kim Charbonneau after the ceremony. For a video of the procession (I am at the 3 minute and 6 second mark... I say hi to my Mom):

Off to a faculty retreat this morning. Friday, I will be on my way to see the nephews. The anniversary of my dissertation defense will be spent with family with a good Italian amarone I just picked up last weekend. Apparently, I made Fred Macdonald's column back home on the Island on Saturday.

Happy Summer... yes, I said Summer. I am living the dream!