Monday, May 24, 2010

California 2010

A new look to my ol' blog.

To my world, I am back on here. Most of 2008 deleted along with most of my previous life. Unless certain parts are brought up... yet again... they will not be seen.

Now for California. A great trip. I strongly advise a trip after the abrupt end to a school year comes along. I flew in on Wednesday and was happy I had a place close to the airport booked the first night as it helped me gain my bearings. The 6-hour flight did tire me out. However, when I landed I was happy with the texts telling me that the Canadiens won Game 7 against the Penguins. Epic moment.

Day 1 was spent taking the BART to downtown, picking uop my Jeep Wrangler, picking up my Sirrus Specialized bike (a great rental as well!). I loved Bouchaine Winery as I was given an hour and 15 minutes and provided with some great inside information. I loved the Carneros district. I then hit downtown Napa running into some maritimers doing the chicken dance. Entertainment!

Day 2 I biked 21 miles from my hotel through the Stag's Leap District and back. After barely making it through dinner at the Bouchon Bakery (exercise and wine plus food intake equals passing out), I slept well. Thomas Keller's restaurant comes highly recommended.

Day 3 was spent at the sterling Vineyard... great spot before biking back to my parking spot at the Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga. After chekcing in my hotel, I completed a dream journey to DeLoach vineyards followed by a great dinner at the Harvest Moon Cafe. Amazing spot.

Day 4 was spent at Benziger Winery. This was an amazing spot! I also bought the book "Hope's Edge". I then made my way into Petaluma... a great night. My last two days, I toured San Francisco, saw Alcatraz, biked Golden Gate, saw Sausalito, went to Restaurant Gary Danko (two month reservation)... and left with a little calamity. Met some great people...

FYI: Scrapbooking... that's a whole new industry!

Currently working on our COSMA certification. Off to Ottawa to go see the family for Samuel's birthday.