Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Lecture Video!

From the Nichols College Website...

Headline: "The Last Lecture Series" SRO

It was standing room only (SRO) on Tuesday, September 15th, as Dr. Joel Cormier and Dr. Joanne Newcombe kicked-off the Nichols College Last Lecture Series based on the national bestseller THE LAST LECTURE by Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch.

Pausch’s book details how after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, he decided to give a last lecture to his students and colleagues sharing life lessons learned. After reading Pausch's account, Chair of Nichols Reads, Professor Luanne Proko, chose the book as summer reading for members of the Class of 2013 and then, organized The Last Lecture Series to help students reflect on how they can best realize their own dreams. In total, 14 Nichols professors are scheduled to share their life wisdom with students in six sessions ending September 30th.

First up was Dr. Cormier, an assistant professor of sport management in his third year at Nichols College, who gave students what he called his “Whole-Parts-Whole” Method to live by:

The only limitations are your own
Surround yourself with great people
When you lose, don’t lose the lesson
“Love the battle”
Use success as a “stepping stone,” not as a “pinnacle”
Cormier shared family photos to demonstrate how his family’s encouragement helped him pursue his dreams. As he grew up in Canada, he had every kid’s dream of being a hockey star, but his physical size was a hindrance. Instead, he developed a desire to coach with the help of three mentors who were instrumental to his success:

Coach Vernon Frizzell, who taught “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”
Coach Terry O’Malley, who taught “Get everybody on the bus”
Coach John Smith, who taught “Don’t be afraid to delegate”

Cormier candidly talked about his career failures, as well as his decision to go for a Ph.D., “the ultimate solo mission.” Today, he has established new goals and dreams as a way to stay focused on "next steps." Cormier ended his presentation by stating that his symbols of hope are his nephews Thomas and Samuel, and that this lecture is for them.

Video is ten minutes long....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Tuesday at Nichols...

Photo: Nichols College Tennis coming at you!

Not since the UNM Icewolves' championship game in Arizona in February of 2006 has there been something for me to compare to to the excitement one gets as a coach anticipating a big match or game... it's gameday in Dudley.

A "failed search" that involved some unethical questions in June of 2007 with today's opponent does not fuel the fire as much as having watched behind the scenes the amount work the amazing people involved in this program have put in.

Hoping for a double-Long Island fist pump today!