Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday and Thanksgiving

Pictures from the past week: Monday night, Birthday (fresh from my solo birthday card opening ceremony), Birthday party with faculty and staff celebrating the last day of classes before the thanksgiving holiday, Thnaksgiving eve, and then the dinner itself. The week continues...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Week is Back... 36 drinks not gonna happen!

Bedroom Renovation ("Before" and "After")
First I should show my weekend fun. You painted it green? Target frames made my room look super nice. I recently got my "Santa Fe Opera 2007" poster framed with a white frame so I kept it consistent. Room looks brighter in the day but the best part is the paint color actually makes for a darker room at night. I love to sleep!

Another Trip to Lowell
I watched the rookie come veteran Mark Flood play in Lowell on Saturday night with his parents, Allen and Virginia, watching. Mark went +2 and picked an apple. Albany won in a shootout 3-2. A great night!

My transcripts arrived the same day I got a phone call to tell my degree was framed. It's officially official now.

So the tradition of having the same number of drinks during the week leading up to the birthday will probably NOT be continued. However, with my reimbursement check arriving on the weekend, I was able to purchase a TV now. Cable arrives tomorrow. IKEA visit on the following weekend. It's been a looong semester and I look forward to Thankgiving... yes, the turkey is ordered!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


More Painting
I was back at the renovation business again. Yes, it's only a rental but I love the makeover of my new apartment. IKEA is an hour away. The greatest place on earth? Possibly.

I WAS "One of a Million" back in January
Election night came... I have never spoken my political leanings on this blog and never will open myself up to a rant from an unknown anonymous. I will only say I was at a bar that didn't represent the second coming of Aryan nation so you could can guess I was with the happy crowd that night. Have you ever told anybody that they could be anything they want in life? I feel like less of a hypocrite when I say this now.

NASSS Conference
The last picture is of me in Denver... ironically I am drinking Obamanator Ale with Herb Howell, my New Mexico friend. The conference went well. A presentation that I am used to giving by now. I submitted an abstract today for the coveted NASSM conference based on my Dissertation committee's advice as to where I should look at examining.

Letters also went out today to Canada Student Loan people. A government program that leaves much to be desired in terms of how it has been handled these past few years. Thanksgiving and my 36th Birthday around the corner... the grey hairs that seemed to be appear the last time I went to NASSS (ironically going through Denver... I saw Gate 35A itself the other day as well!) seemed to have disappeared. I might have gained some peace in some areas of my life... a 3 AM email and an internet search actually helped during my wait for my early morning wake up before my return flight.

Life goes on...