Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of Summer...

Pictures: First, the self-awarded "Chunky Monkey" Award- a symbolic gesture to tell the world ("Thank you for being you") that I am still at it! Ran a 23:40 5K in Brighton this morning... with 3 minutes being devoted to dodging traffic. The "Canadian Corral"... a new bar in Oxford to take my friend Herb Howell to when he visits next week? No... I basically learned that if you can't move until the end of October, you make the best of your living situation. I have extended my living space until November with my new porch space with help from my parents. A great place for wine, tea, and my journal that was rediscovered.

As the moon lingers a moment over the bitterroots, before its descent into the invisible, my mind is filled with song. I find I am humming softly; not to the music, but something else; some place else; a place remembered; a field of grass where no one seemed to have been; except a deer; and the memory is strengthened by the feeling of you, dancing in my awkward arms. Norman Maclean in "A River Runs Through it."

The summer definitely wasn't what I had originally expected. Cruising along going into Paul's wedding expecting a "summer of fun" after a great NASSM convention and then... the Hawaii wedding invitation went by the wayside (joining the Cape Cod invitation from April- I musta did good work there!), crazy weather, and a trip home to recover. The beach was amazing in the mornings and I have already made plans for Europe next summer (watching the 2010 World Cup in a pub in London just sounds too cool!). At the end of the day, I got back in shape, showed my parents a great time in New York, and I still cried when my mother left me two weeks ago. Gold Cup and Saucer goes tonight and how I wish I was there in the MacDonald Stable. Year Three at Nichols begins tomorrow.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goodbye, PEI!

"Summers close to the beach"... fulfilling a goal in the summer of 2009.

I am in a different frame of mind. Coping strategies, good books, a new fitness regime, and a different outlook on life. Time and space provide detachment... just hope I have done as well as I think I have.