Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Final Push...

Pictures of 1. My first Weber. 2. First family road trip in 21 years. 3. Dad's retirement weekend.

Huh? What just happened?
Florida came and went (19 college kids and I was one of two coaches... never is a long time but never again!). I went home, we came back, we did Opening Day, and next week is tennis playoffs?!

This week... off to Carolina for the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) conference in Chapel Hill where I am presenting twice, taking an undergraduate team to a case study competition, and participating in the Annual Drake Group activities.

Conference, last week of classes, exam week, graduation, our annual faculty retreat and then... I am allowed to say it... the countdown to my May trip to California is on. 22 days to Napa!

*Happy Birthday to Dianne Brander and happy 42nd wedding anniversary to Mom and Dad.