Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home Stretch!

Bundle up! In the middle of a cold recovery (hacking up some good stuff!), correcting exams, creating a class for online delivery, and correcting Senior portfolios. Before heading home for the holidays, I will make one more appearance to see the River Rats play, clean up the house, and have a few more drinks. Bringing home some good wine, too. Picture is from Saturday full of the cold. That's my new "Jose Mourinho" coat. Looks like I will be need some Fabio Capello glasses instead.

Life as a professor. I have 5 weeks off. Five!? Yes, Five. I will come back to New England at some point to prepare my winter semester classes. 16 weeks later it will be summer. Yes, so out of the next 37 weeks, I am off for 21 of them. Yes, I often wonder why I put myself through the Ph.D. experience myself. Oh yeah, I will likely finish that thing off in March now. My career has been perpetuated well enough on my own. I can only imagine what the final experience will be like with my doctoral defense.

Memories of last year... what a difference a year makes. The tide always comes in. As you you can see, I am still standing. Achilles tendon healed, I am even standing on my two feet. See you on the Island in 6 days.