Saturday, September 17, 2011


Clinton had his bridge to the 21st century and Sarah Palin had hers to.... when I look at the photo of the Washington bridge, one of the many that take you the island of Manhattan (interesting fact: Hudson discovered it on September 11th), and noticing one thing: there are two lanes to this bridge. This bridge leads to the greatest city that home to every major sports league's operation and home to 6 professional sport franchises, not counting the teams close the area in Long Island and New Jersey. It's where I am teaching classes with people working in the field. When you take the lane to go away from the bridge, it's the rest of the college and universities schools making sure their students get their sport management degrees doing internships with minor league teams and the in-school athletics department, where faculty conduct research that only their peers will read.

As such, loving my life in the East Village teaching at a school where the program isn't just a cash cow but a viable degree where students can gain entry into the field. Looking myself in the mirror is easy. Who made this all happen? Apparently, it was the people who burned the bridge. Happy swimming.

Eric Cantona once said... wait! ( I'm up to here with your philosophy. I'm still getting over the seagulls!) in the movie "Looking for Eric" that

"The most noblest form of revenge is forgiveness"