Sunday, July 27, 2008

Post-Party Pics...

Busy with my visit with my nephews so just a couple of pictures on here. Yesterday was exactly one year to the day of being offered my position at Nichols College... I am at the stage of asking "now what?". On Thursday, the grade will be posted and it will be official. What a journey!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Golf and the Anticipation of the Great Arrival!

Last week, the highly anticipated event that became a memory was golfing at the Charlottetown Boys and Girls Club charity event. My pre-golf picture from the night before (What? No smile?!) showed a determination I have never seen. Anyhow, several drinks later, I was smiling and enjoyed a great day golfing with Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings' Assistant Coach Paul MacLean. Paul and I were able to share some of our favorite O'Malley-isms as he once roomed with my Notre Dame mentor at the 1980 Olympics.

Today the anticipation that hopefully doesn't fly too fast is the arrival of my brother Craig, his wife Susan, and my nephews Thomas and Samuel. They are around for this week long enough for the big event of the summer: "Joel Gott Ph.D... The Party". I have been RSVP'ed for close to 30 people now. Looking forward to a big week.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Summer Continues... Happy Canada Day!

I finally got the picture of my moment with Samuel to share. My nephews arrive in a few weeks. With the revisions complete, the "Graduation" gifts began coming in. Okay, so maybe that Manchester United kit was bought by me and the story around the wine goblets was worth say hmmm.... six figures(?), but it is not a story I will post on here. Given the choice between civil disobedience and violence, I prefer to choose the former. However, there is a great youtube clip from "Family Guy" that I have been watching lately with much laughter.

Today is my first Canada Day in 4 years in the land of the free North of the largest unprotected border. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian and American friends!