Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ottawa Update

(Photos: my new faculty ID and my picture of me at the computer while making Coq au Vin last week).

Where am I, now? I am in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Similar to my previous position, I left NYU with excellent written performance evaluations. Only this time, as an adjunct, there were simply no classes for me to teach (except to be truthful and thankful, with less emotional scars). However, I am happy to say I will be teaching at the University of Ottawa/Universite d’Ottawa (Canada’s only official bilingual University marketed as “Canada’s University”) this semester. Besides its excellent academic reputation, I am also being provided with 4 Teaching Assistants to mentor.

I didn’t exactly want to leave the center of the universe but the award of being close to my nephews and also being able see my parents more often (12 hours away but a cheaper flight) has been so far a VERY nice bonus. Living in an amazing sublet (half of my NYC cost) in the Hintonburg area (great neighborhood for theatre, markets, and restaurants) of Ottawa for 4 months before possibly heading home to teach a class at UPEI this summer.

As far as next Fall, I am merely asking that the "Did you hear anything?" questions be put on hold. I can tell you that Andrei Kirilenko went to Russia this past year during the NBA stoppage and he's expected back someday.

At this time I simply want to thank Bob Boland for allowing me to live the dream in allowing me to live in the greatest city in the world in 2011. To my NYC friends I have made in the last 12 months, you are still in my heart and always will be. I hope to see you all at the Giggs/Cormier “Shared testimonial” at Nevada Smith’s in May of 2012 or 2013 (Giggs will determine if it’s still on... then again, if I am really like “Sir Ryan”, perhaps we will both be back next year).

Meanwhile, to all my friends, please know that the heat is always on here (because yes, it’s cold!). If you’re ever up for a skate on the Rideau, followed by a beaver tail, and of course, a hot toddy to warm up even more after, please let me know. On the rink called life, I can only tell you to skate straight, keep your head up, and always be “stick ready” (stick on the ice with both hands!) because you just never know what kind of rebound you’ll get. I certainly enjoyed the last rebound. And what an experience! I will always love New York.

There you have update. Still smiling...