Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Season Two!

Recruiting Ups and Downs
When the season ended on February 20th, I immediately went into recruiting mode. This year we will have 6 new players. At one stage, I thought we were going to have 8 but we had two drop off in the last minute. When you’re a volunteer coach giving your time and energy to this cause, it can be disappointing. I am reminded that Coach Mike Krzyzewski was able to land one of his top recruits (Shane Battier) on how he handled not getting a recruit from this same school many years earlier. However, it still stings. The other part of recruiting that is usually that is even harder has been the guys who are on campus, who could play, but don’t want to or cannot financially. I wish I had something like this in my undergrad... it's a great experience.
The Summer’s Road Less Traveled
Where do I begin? From my first NASSM presentation in 5 years in Pittsburgh to helping my roommate move to Northern Illinois to Canada Day in Ottawa. I was only home briefly and then had the summer reunion with the greatest city in the world. It was a dream working in the East Village while living in Astoria for 5 weeks... even managed to see Manchester United play in DC. So when I returned to Lexington and found myself with reverse culture shock, there was only one cure...
Back on the Ice!
Rookies are settling in well and I couldn't be more excited for the second season. And if we are able to bring in another 6 like I did this past year, we should on our way to a great season. As it stands, I am going to spend much of the season trying not to think of the players not on the bench and quite proud of the guys who came in and are ready to contribute.