Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Champion Again...

As the picture shows, after playing intramurals at several schools as a student, I finally can say I won an intramural championship winning the NISL (Nichols Indoor Soccer League) championship last night with Dappermans FC. My first championship since the UNM Icewolves won the Southwest Showcase and my first as a participant since the 1997 Alpine Rec. League Championship. At 37 years old, you begin to appreciate these things more.

Back in November of 2006 on my birthday while having breakfast at "The Grove" on Central Avenue (miss that place!) in ol' ABQ, I set the "Big Four" goals I wanted to accomplish, one of which was "to one more championship or race as a player or participant". While I fell short that year in a few of my efforts (despite a great hat trick performance in the UNM playoffs), a great job, a Ph.D., and a championship won have eventually come along... nice to see the running on the beach last summer and in Florida also eventually paid off as well.

It's 6 AM the day after a big game and I am wide awake... I feel like a kid again. Campione, campione, ole, ole, ole!