Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Perspective...

Photos... I made it to Ottawa for the long weekend and found myself in a nice hug with my nephew Samuel. I arrived back for a photoshoot for my Athletic Management article. That was the weather on February 17th... this was to change as we would learn after I took students to Lowell on Wednesday, there would be some bad winter related driving to come.

Ottawa Weekend
As usual, a great time in Ottawa meeting up with Mom and Dad for a couple days followed by some more time with Thomas and Samuel. A weekend to a reaffirm my reason for wanting to be in the Northeast so I could take road trips like this one. Plus it helped me appreciate what cold really is!

NASSM Acceptance
Happy to say I get to present findings from my dissertation "ONE MORE TIME" getting accepted to present at NASSM in May. From "oh that again?!" to "I can do that again!" in one abstract acceptance.

Winter Travel to Lowell
While it was nice to take my students to see an AHL game and watch it from a box, it was a tough wake up on Thursday to hear that my good friend Mark Flood and the Albany River Rats had a bad accident on their way back. It certainly put things in perspective yesterday. Never been so happy to simply receive a text like the one I received yesterday. A great guy from a great family!

TGIF... it's pay day. Florida in 3 weeks!