Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Leaving Saturday morning out of Logan, I had been planning to stay in Boston Friday night close to the airport... it's actually a better deal than paying for parking. So I was checking events and I said I would always love to see Harry Connick, Jr. sometime in my life preferably at a piano bar in New Orleans. However, since his Christmas music has been overplayed over the years, I also thought it would be a great experience to see him play around Christmas time in some type of a theatre setting. Friday night, I will be at the historic Colonial theatre listening to the big band and one of the great musical Christmas voices.

Friday night will also feature a Boston North End Italian (Giacomo's depending on the line), finding a great wine bar and then running off to see a great show. Exams to give and correct first... I am quite excited about this show. Merry Christmas!