Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oh, Canada!

Overtime winner!! (Photo Courtesy of Reuters via Globe and Mail)

It doesn't get old. Four years in a row I have come home and after Christmas, sat down and watched the World Junior Hockey Championships. Four years in a row, I have sung off-key "Oh, Canada" after watching the Gold Medal game. One of my speakers of a coaching conference I organized in Saskatchewan, Curtis Hunt, was one of the Assistant Coaches on this year's addition. And while I don't personally know any of the players, you sure get to know these kids watching them everyday during the holidays. And what a great performance they put on continuing a holiday tradition that also signifies that soon I will be leaving Canada and going back to the grind.

After a crazy Friday night/Saturday morning, I tested my liver again yesterday watching the finals at a local Sports bar. As the "Spirit of the West" song goes:

You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best
I've been gone for a month, I've been drunk since I left
These so-called vacations will soon be my death
I'm so sick from the drink I need home for a rest.

I need to go back to work for a rest! But first I am off to spoil the nephews in Ottawa! I shall see my Island home after the cows get out and in PEI historian David Weale's words "make it to the grass". Already looking forward to a great summer in 2008.