Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Complete

The run for Christmas is on... Birthday week was fun even if it was more low-key than other years. I got all my preparations for Thanksgiving done earlier in the week so that come Wednesday, I was able to watch England versus Croatia. I paid $24.95 for the Match on Pay-Per-View. While it was an epic battle, the Motherland went down and now I am finding myself in my new navy style overcoat (New York City- $129 at H&M) with my new grey scarf ($7.25 at Kenneth Cole Wrentham Outlets) hoping that the "Special One" himself, Jose Mourinho, is hired by England to wear his similar special garb for the homeland. Parents arrived the next morning and a mild Thanksgiving afternoon was spent on the dock. A great day with the Turkey going to be consumed until I go home for Christmas. Friday, we watch the game's second star score his second goal of the season in Lowell as Mark Flood and the Albany River Rats came to town. With Mark playing like that, I only hope that when the time comes that the Hurricanes are playing close enough for me to watch for his first big game at the highest level. Rest of weekend was spent shopping and putting on my new Christmas lights at the dock.

Exams in 10 days, final papers to grade, and another revision to my dissertation to submit. Plane ticket is bought for December 18th. Time is flying...