Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Week Complete!

Life as a full time assistant professor began this week. Life began on Monday when I taught my first set of classes and then attended convocation. I appeared in a campus news release somewhere around the bottom of this story.

Early indications are that of Coach K when he described his dream to become a college coach when he said "the reality was even better than the dream." There is a lot of hard work but it's work that I enjoy.

I moved into my cottage on the lake yesterday. After getting a sample of the food that is offered on Shrewbury Street at their college promotion in Worcester yesterday, I came back and made myself my first homecooked meal in two weeks. I was greeted by a nice Blue Heron on the lake last night. Without cable or internet...or even Sprint's great connection (will soon be on Verizon), that Heron was my only source of live entertainment last night.

Getting my paycheck and 2 months of backpay in 5 days. New laptop and likely a new digital camera to keep this blog up to date with my ugly mug...